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Applicable Sources Twitter

This classifier demonstrates how you can use tagging to categorize Twitter users by their passions, in this case the NFL team they support.

A common theme for advertising is identifying user passions and targeting marketing accordingly. Themes such as sport are particularly powerful, and precision targeting can greatly increase returns. By identifying fans you can identify related interests to target or plan direct marketing campaigns.

The classifier inspects the user's description for any mention of an NFL team including full team names and nicknames, and categorizes the user appropriately.

Example use case:

You are looking to identify fans for NFL teams to plan a marketing campaign. Using the classifier you identify fans for each team and promote special offers relating directly to their favorite team.


This definition is provided as an example. You can take this definition and extend or modify it for your use case.

Definition "49ers" { twitter.user.description any "San Francisco 49ers, 49ersNation, 49erNation, #49ers" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, 49ers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "49ers, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, 49ers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "49ers, fan:6"} "Bears" { twitter.user.description any "Chicago Bears, BearsNation, BearNation, #Bears" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Bears:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Bears, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Bears:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Bears, fan:6"} "Bengals" { twitter.user.description any "Cincinnati Bengals, BengalsNation, BengalNation, #Bengals" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Bengals:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Bengals, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Bengals:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Bengals, fan:6"} "Bills" { twitter.user.description any "Buffalo Bills, BillsNation, BillNation, #Bills" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Bills:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Bills, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Bills:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Bills, fan:6"} "Broncos" { twitter.user.description any "Denver Broncos, BroncosNation, BroncoNation, #Broncos" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Broncos:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Broncos, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Broncos:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Broncos, fan:6"} "Browns" { twitter.user.description any "Cleveland Browns, BrownsNation, BrownNation, #Browns" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Browns:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Browns, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Browns:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Browns, fan:6"} "Buccaneers" { twitter.user.description any "Tampa Bay Buccaneers, BuccaneersNation, BuccaneerNation, #Buccaneers" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Buccaneers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Buccaneers, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Buccaneers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Buccaneers, fan:6"} "Cardinals" { twitter.user.description any "Arizona Cardinals" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Cardinals:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Cardinals, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Cardinals:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Cardinals, fan:6"} "Chargers" { twitter.user.description any "San Diego Chargers, ChargersNation, ChargerNation, #Chargers" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Chargers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Chargers, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Chargers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Chargers, fan:6"} "Chiefs" { twitter.user.description any "Kansas City Chiefs, ChiefsNation, ChiefNation, #Chiefs" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Chiefs:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Chiefs, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Chiefs:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Chiefs, fan:6"} "Colts" { twitter.user.description any "Indianapolis Colts, ColtsNation, ColtNation, #Colts" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Colts:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Colts, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Colts:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Colts, fan:6"} "Cowboys" { twitter.user.description any "Dallas Cowboys, CowboysNation, CowboyNation, #Cowboys" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Cowboys:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Cowboys, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Cowboys:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Cowboys, fan:6"} "Dolphins" { twitter.user.description any "Miami Dolphins, DolphinsNation, DolphinNation, #Dolphins" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Dolphins:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Dolphins, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Dolphins:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Dolphins, fan:6"} "Eagles" { twitter.user.description any "Philadelphia Eagles, EaglesNation, EagleNation, #Eagles" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Eagles:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Eagles, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Eagles:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Eagles, fan:6"} "Falcons" { twitter.user.description any "Atlanta Falcons, FalconsNation, FalconNation, #Falcons" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Falcons:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Falcons, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Falcons:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Falcons, fan:6"} "Giants" { twitter.user.description any "New York Giants, GiantsNation, GiantNation, #Giants" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Giants:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Giants, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Giants:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Giants, fan:6"} "Jaguars" { twitter.user.description any "Jacksonville Jaguars, JaguarsNation, JaguarNation, #Jaguars" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Jaguars:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Jaguars, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Jaguars:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Jaguars, fan:6"} "Jets" { twitter.user.description any "New York Jets, JetsNation, JetNation, #Jets" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Jets:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Jets, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Jets:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Jets, fan:6"} "Lions" { twitter.user.description any "Detroit Lions, LionsNation, LionNation, #Lions" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Lions:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Lions, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Lions:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Lions, fan:6"} "Packers" { twitter.user.description any "Green Bay Packers, PackersNation, PackerNation, #Packers" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Packers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Packers, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Packers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Packers, fan:6"} "Panthers" { twitter.user.description any "Carolina Panthers, PanthersNation, PantherNation, #Panthers" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Panthers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Panthers, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Panthers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Panthers, fan:6"} "Patriots" { twitter.user.description any "New England Patriots, PatriotsNation, PatriotNation, #Patriots" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Patriots:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Patriots, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Patriots:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Patriots, fan:6"} "Raiders" { twitter.user.description any "Oakland Raiders, RaidersNation, RaiderNation, #Raiders" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Raiders:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Raiders, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Raiders:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Raiders, fan:6"} "Rams" { twitter.user.description any "St. Louis Rams, RamsNation, RamNation, #Rams" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Rams:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Rams, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Rams:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Rams, fan:6"} "Ravens" { twitter.user.description any "Baltimore Ravens, RavensNation, RavenNation, #Ravens" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Ravens:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Ravens, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Ravens:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Ravens, fan:6"} "Redskins" { twitter.user.description any "Washington Redskins, RedskinsNation, RedskinNation, #Redskins" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Redskins:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Redskins, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Redskins:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Redskins, fan:6"} "Saints" { twitter.user.description any "New Orleans Saints, SaintsNation, SaintNation, #Saints" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Saints:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Saints, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Saints:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Saints, fan:6"} "Seahawks" { twitter.user.description any "Seattle Seahawks, SeahawksNation, SeahawkNation, #Seahawks" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Seahawks:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Seahawks, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Seahawks:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Seahawks, fan:6"} "Steelers" { twitter.user.description any "Pittsburgh Steelers, SteelersNation, SteelerNation, #Steelers" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Steelers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Steelers, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Steelers:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Steelers, fan:6"} "Texans" { twitter.user.description any "Houston Texans, TexansNation, TexanNation, #Texans" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Texans:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Texans, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Texans:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Texans, fan:6"} "Titans" { twitter.user.description any "Tennessee Titans, TitansNation, TitanNation, #Titans" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Titans:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Titans, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Titans:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Titans, fan:6"} "Vikings" { twitter.user.description any "Minnesota Vikings, VikingsNation, VikingNation, #Vikings" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "diehard, Vikings:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Vikings, diehard:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "fan, Vikings:6" OR twitter.user.description contains_near "Vikings, fan:6"}
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return {
   demographic.likes_and_interests in "Football"
   and twitter.user.lang == "en"
   and twitter.user.description exists
   and twitter.user.time_zone IN "Central Time (US & Canada),Eastern Time (US & Canada),Mountain Time (US & Canada),Pacific Time (US & Canada)"