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Facebook Public

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With more than 1.1 Billion active users, Facebook public data provides a unique view into what the world is watching, sharing and interested in.

This data source provides access to the stream of public Facebook status updates which include text-updates, links, photos and videos. Location names (e.g. restaurants) are added if the status update includes a location or check-in.

This provides valuable insights to help market researchers. Author information including full name, profile photo and Facebook user-id is removed in accordance with Facebook’s Platform Policies on Data Collection and Usage.

Example Use Case:

A company has just released a new product. Use DataSift to track what people are saying about the product as well as their comments about photos, videos, and reviews of the product.

Interactions Per Day: 20 million
Daily Volume: FacebookVolume
Types & Languages: FacebookLanguages

Target Fields:

Sample Definition:

Full Example Output:

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