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As one of the world’s fastest growing social network, Tumblr is a platform for people to share content they love. By providing a simple-to-use blog to share content, Tumblr has grown a global audience of over 300 million unique visitors, generating more than 100 million posts every day.

This data source provides you with both real-time and historic access (from July 15 2013 onwards) to the full Tumblr Firehose of data. This includes seven different types of Content (text, photos, quotes, links, music, chat and videos) and social actions including posts, reblogs and likes.

Example Use Case:

For a company that is focused on Brand Management, Tumblr is a must-have. The virality and consumer engagement on Tumblr makes it a community where good and bad brand experiences travel fast. For example, you could use Tumblr to look for content mentioning your company name once it receives more than a minimum number of Likes/Reblogs.


Tumblr is available on a ‘pay per interaction’ basis up-to a daily limit of 250,000 data-items that are delivered to you. Beyond this limit, DataSift offers subscription-plans for higher data limits, starting at $1,000 per month. Contact-us for details.

$0.20 per 1,000

Target Fields:

Sample Definition:

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