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As the world’s most popular link-sharing platform, Bitly is used to share more than 80 million new links every day, with more than 200 million clicks per day on a bitly link, providing unparalleled insight into what the social world is paying attention to.

As more and more companies use social as a way to reach their target audience, the biggest challenge is measuring the success of how your content is engaging your market, and optimizing this to improve customer engagement and conversion into revenue. Measuring customer engagement via Tweets, Retweets, Facebook posts, comments and likes is only one half of the picture.

What companies are missing is a view of what people are actually clicking through to read the content. Not just content on your website, but any content across the social web.

By analyzing data from social posts along with Bitly’s clickstream data, you can gain a deeper insight into content that is engaging people and converting into clicks and views.

Every interaction in the Bitly feed provides details on :

  • Webpage that was clicked.
  • Referrer data: where did the click originate from: Twitter (, Facebook (, LinkedIn (
  • Country and city for where the click came from.
  • Browser details: for example, was it mobile or web browser based?
$0.15 per 1,000

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