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This data feed monitors editorial changes at Wikipedia such as the creation of new pages and updates to existing ones. Major news events tend to increase attention and content changes to related Wikipedia pages, and DataSift allows you to include topical and significant Wikipedia content into your streams.

Example Use Cases:

  • During a political campaign, Wikipedia begins to receive increased traffic on its pages for the Country, the political candidates, the involved parties. You can monitor changes to the Wikipedia pages to detect the main topics being discussed, opinion shifts, smearing campaigns, changes to the profile history of candidates, etc.
  • A hurricane is growing in strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Wikipedia begins to receive increased traffic on its pages for hurricanes, weather, energy, oil and gas and energy services companies, Texas, Mexico, Louisiana, various towns and cities that lie within the projected path of the storm, and so on. You can create a stream to tap into the content and changes of these Wikipedia pages.

Target Fields:

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