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DataSift can transfer your data to any URL endpoint you want to define, via an HTTP POST or PUT request.

As your data is produced we'll write it into an internal queue, and then periodically transfer it to you in batches. You can choose from a range of delivery frequencies and place a limit on the size of each batch.

If you choose PUT as your request method we will append a file name onto the end of your specified URL. Please take this into account when entering your URL.

If you are unable to receive the data for any reason, we'll keep hold of it until you come back, regularly re-attempting delivery. If you need to have downtime, you can pause delivery and resume.

In any case, you'll need to be available to receive data within one hour of its production, otherwise we'll stop trying to deliver it. Take care to choose delivery frequency and size limit so that we can deliver the data at least as fast as it is produced.

To receive data via HTTP POST/PUT, you'll need a web server with a URL endpoint we can access. For technical details, please consult the documentation.